Monday, June 17, 2013

Painting Tools {Wagner Smart Roller Review}

Hi there!  The living room update process really revolved around giving the room a new paint color. We started out with off-white and then I added an accent wall in Concord Ivory during my Tudors-watching phase {see this post for an explanation}.

I decided to paint it the same color as our dining room and kitchen {the perfect greige, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore}. One night I saw a commercial on HGTV for Wagner's new Smart Rollers and thought, heck, I have a gigantic room to paint, why not give 'em a try?

And the lovely folks at Wagner were nice enough to send me some products to try out!

Let's start with the SMART Edge Roller.

I started out by cutting in along the ceiling. The SMART Edge Roller is designed to cut in along trim and even ceilings. However, my ceilings have that awful popcorn texture and I thought they'd be too bumpy, so I still did the cutting in by hand. I also painted the inside corners and a a few little random details by hand which is no biggie.

 Ok, time for the trim. The SMART Edge Roller only has a few parts and was a breeze to assemble.

Once it was together, all I had to do was suck paint up into the plunger, switch the nozzle for the roller assembly, and get going. No tray needed.

When first loading the roller, you give the pump a few squeezes until the paint comes through. From there on out, you just give a quick squeeze and keep on going.

The roller assembly is really brilliant. The yellow piece shields your woodwork and in painting this entire room, I didn't have any paint leak through. 

The yellow guard piece also has little brushes that you can rotate to face the wall. They help smooth the line and I have to say that I got MUCH better results than when I freehand around trim. I know, I know, some people swear by tape, but it's way too much of a hassle for me.  

The verdict on the SMART Edge Roller? Saved me time AND did a great job. That's a win-win in my book!

Ok, so once I got some experience with the simple SMART Edge Roller, it was time to move on to the big kahuna, Wagner's SMART Flow Roller. Our living room is a big room, so this was a great tool to try out.

The SMART Flow Roller is a bit more involved and I'll admit, I got a little intimidated when I saw all the parts and assembly. 

But it wasn't as tough as I imagined. This little Quick Start guide broke it down nicely.

What you end up working with looks more like this:

So once I had it all put together, it was time to load up with paint. This part took the most tinkering and troubleshooting. The set comes with a cover for your paint can that you insert the tube into. What ended up working for me was to skip the cover and angle the roller way down near the floor and then the power suction worked fine.

Once you have the tube loaded with paint, you set the controls to Power, and push the button whenever you need more paint. 

The first tube's worth of paint didn't cover very much wall, but that was just because the roller needed to be fully loaded with paint. Once that first tube was done, I was able to get MUCH more coverage. 

I'd say I probably had to reload (and occasionally tinker with the suction) about 6-8 times for the entire room. That is FAR less than the number of times you have to run your roller through a paint tray! I also think the SMART Flow Roller was able to provide more even coverage than you get with a regular roller.

Verdict on the SMART Flow Roller? I don't think it saved me time. Between tinkering and a longer cleanup time than I'm used to, I'd say the total time was about the same. However, the results are BEAUTIFUL. 

I can easily say that I will use Wagner's SMART Rollers again! Both products were easy to use and mess-free. {Now I've got my eye on their paint sprayers too.} Thanks Wagner!
P.S. The materials were supplied to me but the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. LHow do you replace the 3-in roller cover?

  2. Where I can get micro brushes?????

    1. They are available at a variety of stores. Wagner's web site has a list:,362138,358970.html

      Hope this helps!